There was one overwhelmingly requested gift during the 2015 holiday season: Swegway “hover” boards. Granted, these intriguing devices don’t actually hover, but they’re popular for many of the same reasons that their futuristic counterparts are, and they have their own charms as well.

1. Freedom (and fun)
One of the undeniably appealing aspects of Marty McFly’s iconic ride in Back to the Future II is the absolute freedom it represents. Just hop on and take off. The motorized two wheeled hover boards of today, like the Swegway, might not leave the ground, but they still impart that same sense of effortless liberation. Gliding along, hands free, and letting the Swegway board do the work—that’s the closest we’re going to get to retail hoverboards for a while.

2. Celebrities love them
Unlike their predecessors, other types of motorized scooter, the popularity of hover boards has been off the charts since the beginning. Part of that has to do with the fact that celebs seem to adore them. Wiz Khalifa was one of the first celebs to rock the board publically. Usain Bolt—the world’s fastest man!—likes to glide when he’s off work, too. Justin Beiber, Skrillex—the list goes on. When the some of the world’s most popular and talented people are flooding Instagram and Facebook with their hover board adventures, it’s not hard to see why it seems like everyone is after one these days.Justin Bieber Swegway

3. Practicality
Another reason that people love Swegway balance boards is how practical they are for short commutes. However, it’s worth noting that different regions are still debating regulations, and they’ve even been banned in some places. But even if they’re not being used to glide down to the shop on the corner conveniently, Swegway balance boards are still a very practical choice for entertainment. It doesn’t take long to learn how to effectively use a Swegway board, and aside from the board itself and basic safety equipment, it’s a hobby that doesn’t require a huge investment to enjoy. You can ride indoors and out, in your home or with your friends.Swegway commuter

While regulations regarding public use will take some time to iron out, it’s safe to say that hover boards are here to stay. They’re too popular and too useful to completely dismiss. We’re only seeing the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the hover board trend.

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