Have you broken or damaged your Swegway? Has it stopped working? Has the wheel fallen off? 

Do not worry! Our dedicated repair service enables you to post your Swegway directly to a dedicated repair team who will repair and send your board back to you. 

We can repair all types of boards, even if you did not purchase it from us we still may be able to help you. An outline of repair costs can be found below:

Replace casing

 full £70

Replace casing

 top £40,  bottom £30

Change wheel

 £50 (single, not pair)

Change wheels

 £85 (pair)

Replace bluetooth module


Replace PCB mainboard A


Replace PCB mainboard B


Replace gyroscope


Replace chassis


LED Lights replacement


Power port replacement


Charger port replacement


Battery replacement


Footpads replacement


Use the repair request form below to contact us.