Owing to the nature of the Swegway itself, we at iSwegway.com are acutely aware that these items will require technical attention at some point during the time they are in your possession. Accordingly, we are pleased to furnish you with a 12-month warranty to protect you and allow you to protect your board.

We are confident that the warranty we provide is of a standard that even the manufacturers cannot compete with!

We are 100% focused on the following:

  • You enjoying your product!
  • You being able to rely on our stellar customer service;
  • We also want you to feel secure in the knowledge that even though many companies will just be interested in getting you to buy their items, we at iSwegway want you to rest easy in the knowledge that our free aftercare service is there to take care of you and your board, long after you have made your purchase!

What is covered under warranty? 

  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Manufacturing faults relating to the casing, chassis and wheels (does not include general wear and tear and damage caused by impact or dropping)

What is not covered?

  • General wear and tear
  • Scratching to the outer casing
  • Damage to the hardware, electronics or casing caused by impact
  • Damage to the hardware, electronics or casing caused by dropping the board
  • Any damage caused by collision or accident during use


  • You open up the item to expose the inner components and/or wiring;
  • Extensive or excessive damage to the undercarriage of the item (chassis) through use on uneven and rocky terrain;
  • The board has clearly been used on terrain non-conducive to the maintenance of the integrity of the board;
  • The damage sustained by the board reasonably demonstrates that the board has been used contrary to stipulated warnings and in direct contravention of the same;
  • The board has clearly been in some form of collision;
  • If the board has been used improperly and contrary to its stipulated use;
  • The board or item has excessive cosmetic damage;

Please note that the above list is non-exhaustive.

The above is also applicable to any and all accessories which come with the item.