Since Swegways are the most fun purchase you can make, we thought we would find you some extra things you can do on your board. Yes, you can ride about, impress your friends and pull off some tricks, but how about going a few steps further?

Chek out these more unique things we found for you to do on your Swegway.

  1. Host your own Swegway Olympics

    These guys have set the trend by running their very own Swegway Olympics. Consisting of a super fun homemade indoor obstacle course it’s a simple race against the clock to see who comes out on top.

    Grab your Swegways and some friends and enjoy Swegway fun at the next level!

  2. Take Dizzy Penalties

    We have all had a go at taking a penalty before but never this way! For the absolute maximum in football fun and lots of laughs you have to try Swegway dizzy penalties.

    It is so much harder than you think! Watch Billy and Jezza go head to head.

  3. Visit McDonalds Drive Thru

    Fancy buying your next McDonalds milkshake on your Swegway? This guy gives it a go and makes his fast food purchase like never before. Ready to give it a go? It will certainly raise some eyebrows and of course you will have to learn the art of keeping still first!

    One Big Mac meal please…

  4. Ultimate Swegway Race

    If you believe you are the ultimate Swegway King or Queen then it’s time to show your skills in the ultimate Swegway race. These boys show you how it’s done – the clock is ticking, who will claim Swegway victory?

  5. Swegway Wars

    Not for the light hearted Swegway Wars takes things to the next level. The aim is to simply knock your opponent off their Swegway and last one standing wins. Applying strict rules and safety gear these two brothers go to battle.

    Gladiators ready…

  6. Swegway Hide and Seek Challenge

    It is hide and seek like you have never played before – on your Swegway!

    Simply hide a few items around the home, then off your opponent goes to search out the items but remaining on their Swegway at all times. Up against the clock, quickest to find the items wins. Simple but heaps of fun.

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