There is plenty of Chinese whispers out there regarding the safety of your Swegway. Hardly a day goes by without a new news article appearing on Google discussing the safety of Swegways. Many celebrities have been seen riding boards (as we talked about in this blog post) and boards are as popular as ever, so let’s cut through all the news and tell you what you need to know regarding the safety of your Swegway.

Here are the iSwegway 7 ways to stay safe on your Swegway.

1. Only buy from trusted sources like iSwegway

We pride ourselves on supplying the safest of boards. All our Swegways are approved to British standards and back in December we produced this blog post to address any safety concerns.

All our batteries are high quality Samsung batteries and all chargers are BSI 1363 approved. Plus, every single board we supply is tested before being dispatched to you.

Your safety is our number one priority!

2. Get on carefully

The Swegway will only start once you get on your board. It’s really important that you get on your board carefully and in the early days it’s advisable to hold onto a wall or person whilst climbing aboard.

Many people try to rush getting on when they first get their board and quickly realise that this is not the best of ideas.

3. Stay off public roads and footpaths

Your Swegway is not permitted to be used on public roads and footpaths. In other words only use your board in locations where you are actually allowed. Indoors and privately owned locations where you have permission are the best areas to enjoy your Swegway fun.

Don’t take unnecessary risks!

4. Go flat

Your Swegway is not designed for use on uneven surfaces. As much as possible you need to stay on flat ground so you can enjoy a smooth ride. The more you use your Swegway where it’s not comfortable the more chance you have of coming off your board. It also puts the chances of damaging your board much higher.

5. Watch your weight

Ideally riders of your board should weigh between 20kg and 100kg. Riders with weights outside of these limits may cause your Swegway to become unsafe or even break and let’s be honest, no one wants that.

If a rider is under 20kg it can cause the Swegway to unbalance and not work correctly, so make sure all riders stay within these weight limits.

6. Safety gear

To ensure you ride with maximum safety we highly recommend wearing appropriate safety gear. Items like helmets, pads and gloves not only help protect you but also improve your grip, comfort and style.

We provide a full range of safety gear all designed with you in mind. See it here.

7. Look where you’re going

We know this sounds too obvious but it is so easy to get distracted whilst enjoying quality time on your board. Focus on what you are doing, where you are going and keep aware of all that is happening around you. You will be amazed how many people come unstuck because they take their eye off where they are going.

Keep your eyes on the prize!


Your safety is important to us and here at iSwegway so we go to great lengths to ensure that when you purchase a board from us you can ride in complete safety. As the UK’s number one Swegway seller you can buy from us with confidence. See our full range of boards here.