The Swegway craze is not going anywhere. The boards are as popular as ever and we receive tweet after tweet from people who want to add their name to the list of Swegway owners.

We are sure you don’t need convincing as to why you need a Swegway but just in case here are 5 BIG reasons you need a Swegway in your life.

  1. Suitable for pretty much anyone

    Swegways are not just for teenagers but all age groups can get involved.

    Whether a young kid or an audacious grandparent everyone can be part of the Swegway fun. Check out this video of a brave infant mastering the Swegway before they can even walk. If they can do it, you certainly can!

  2. Plenty of big names have already been there

    There have been a whole number of celebrities spotted enjoying the Swegway fun. Names include Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Lewis Hamilton, Katy Perry and many more.

    In fact we wrote recently wrote a blog about this very subject, you can read it here.

  3. They are cheaper than you think

    As the UK’s number one Swegway store we often find ourselves surprising our customers with how much you can actually buy a board for.

    Bearing in mind all our Swegways are fully tested, use Samsung batteries and UK chargers our prices are pretty hard to beat.

    We currently have a special offer on our black or white boards meaning you can join the Swegway club for just £269.99.

  4. They are easy to use

    Like any new device you have to spend a little time learning how to use it but the Swegway is not difficult to use.

    Once you have spent a couple of hours trying out your new Swegway, you will be ready to impress all your friends and family. Here is someone being shown how to use one of our boards at The Gadget Show in Birmingham last week.

  5. They are super portable

    The beauty of the Swegway is that you can take it just about anywhere.

    Whether you want to take it on holiday, to a friend’s house or even ride while pushing a pushchair, the Swegway can pretty much be your friend for life.

To see a full range of our Swegways visit our online store.