“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” Winston Churchill

There are certain stories that have a profound impact on us and recently here at iSwegway we encountered such a story.

Skye Warren, 3, suffers from a rare condition where her body attacks itself when she gets an infection. The reality is that something as simple as a common cold could be fatal for her. It is such a rare disease that Birmingham Children’s Hospital have only ever dealt with eight cases in total.

When she was first diagnosed her parents were told she would only have weeks to live but Skye is still fighting her illness. Life is not easy for her family with the constant pressure of the illness which results in Skye suffering from behavioural problems and not being able to accept anything that is out of her control.

The local community around Skye and her family are rallying together to help raise funds for the family so they can buy a specially adapted buggy which will grow with her until she reaches the age of 10. This is where we decided we could get involved. We are donating one of our Swegways as a fundraising raffle prize which is taking place at The Maypole pub in Halesowen on Saturday 28th April.

If you would like to help Skye then take a look at this recent article from The Birmingham Mail and choose to get involved.