You just can’t keep some subjects out of the news and Swegways is one of those lucky few to be given regular column time. Since their launch they have captured the imagination of millions who have wanted to join in the Swegway fun. It’s not just the younger generation either (as you will see as you read on) people of all ages really do love their Swegways.

You will have them on music videos with Justin Bieber, viral video sensations, celebrity news articles and plenty of newspaper reports. Unless you live under a rock you will regularly see them in the news and why not, after all, they are greatest invention ever made!

To prove our point, here are 3 recent ‘in the news’ moments that caught our eye here at iSwegway.

  1. Close to the edge...

This guy is either super brave or just plain crazy!

Grabbing his Swegway he rides along the edge of a rooftop with the whole city below him. If that wasn’t enough to take things to the next level he spins round, and tries out some handstands on his Swegway. Forget Superman or Daredevil, this guy is our superhero. (Of course we don’t recommend you try this for yourself).

  1. Swegway priority

After a well-documented break up footballer Jamie O'Hara and model Danielle Lloyd have had some spats that the whole world have seen on social media.

Jamie recently posted on his Instagram about spending some quality time with his three young children and what do you think was the first thing they got up to? X-Box, trip to the park or a theme park? That’s right, none of them! It was all about the Swegway fun!

Read the full article here.


  1. A viral sensation

We are sure this Scottish granny never dreamt for one second she would be become a viral video sensation but that is exactly what happened when she had a rather unfortunate Swegway incident.

Over 300,000 people have watched Andrina Sweeney try a Swegway for the first time but things didn’t really go to plan as she fell off the board to many peoples amusement. In fact her own sister, Junity was in fits of laughter and posted the clip on Facebook. The good news of course is that Andrina was not seriously hurt although she did say, “it was the best laugh ever”.

If you have yet to experience the fun of the Swegway then wait no longer. We have a range of Swegways for you to choose from which you can view on our website.