So you have bought your shiny new Swegway, learnt the basics and now feel it’s time to take things up a level.

We can assure you that the Swegway fun never ends. It’s much more than just a mode of transport or toy, it’s hours and hours of fun! To help you make the most of your Swegway experience we have pulled together 5 things you can do with your new board.

Here goes…

  1. Have an epic Swegway race

    There is racing and then there is Swegway racing. Get some fellow Swegway friends together and see who is the fastest rider in the land (well in between you and your mates).

    These guys show you how it’s done.

  2. Try the death run

    Ok, so it doesn’t sound to appealing but these guys certainly enjoyed it.

    Basically it is good old fashioned dodge ball but on Swegways. What’s not to like!

  3. Take your football skills to the next level

    Fancy yourself as the next Ronaldo or Messi? Got all the tricks?

    How about trying them on a Swegway? Not so easy, but these boys gave it a good go. Can you do better?

  4. Show the skateboarders how it is really done!

    So what is better the Swegway or the skateboard? As we stock both we will keep our opinion to ourselves but why don’t you decide?

    These boys put it to the test with a mix of races and tricks. Know a skateboard fan? Maybe it’s time for a head to head?

  5. Become a Swegway trick legend

    There are whole range of tricks you can try on your board and show everyone you are the Swegway King or Queen.

    Expect a few bumps along the way but check out some of these and give them ago. Some you can go solo but for others you will need to involve a friend or two.


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