There have been some seriously epic Swegway fails caught on camera so we thought we would share our favourites with you. There were many to choose from but we managed to get it down to our top 5.

We are not one to laugh at others expense but these are incredibly funny.

swegway - the iswegway top 5 swegway fails

  1. Dad hits the floor (and table)

    This German dad was trying out his children’s Swegway in his front room. Using a bookcase to keep himself upright he eventually decided to let go and move on his own.

    He should have remained holding on because this was one serious head banging moment. Ouch!

    Watch the full video!

  2. This Saudi man had a 'smashing' time on his Swegway

    We all know that trying to manoeuvre a Swegway for the first time takes some getting used to. This hapless father in Saudi Arabia could not get the hang of it and the results were not ideal!

    Watch the full video!

  3. Never mix a stag do and a Swegway

    The most recent fail gives one stag do attendee a moment he will never forget.

    Whilst on a stag do in Poland he attempts to ride off-road up a grassy embankment and it doesn’t quite work out. His fellow stags were on hand to video the sorry affair and found it seriously funny. So did we!

    Watch the full video

  4. Look what happens when you get a bit too confident 

    This dad was getting used to riding on the Segway and decided to take things further. As his confidence grew so did his ability to go faster and try one or two tricks. We think he now regrets this but his son certainly enjoyed it!

  5. It's a Tyson knock out

    Mike Tyson has been involved in many knockouts in his boxing career but none quite like this.

    Despite his young daughter urging him to be careful, the former heavyweight champion hits the deck in dramatic fashion. The fall was posted on social media and proved popular with thousands of shares.


If you or someone you know has experienced some Swegway fails, then feel free to share them with us on social media and we will be sure to share them with our thousands of followers. We can make you Swegway famous overnight.

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