The UK ranked as high as ever in the recent Eurovision Song Contest. "You're Not Alone" performed by Joe and Jake had us ranked just twenty-forth out of a total of 26 countries. Sometimes it is a wonder why we even enter!

However, there was one Eurovision moment that had us sit up and take notice, when the Swegway appeared for the world to see. This got us thinking about the other occasions the Swegway has taken over our TV screens. Starting with Eurovision as number one, here are the iSwegway 5 favourite Swegway TV Moments.

iswegway - our favourite swegway tv moments 

  1. Eurovision 2016

    The 2015 Eurovision champion, Måns Zelmerlöw of Sweden, performed "Fire in the Rain" and "Heroes" at the 2016 Grand Final. It was no ‘normal’ routine as it included a seriously impressive technical Swegway routine.

  2. Craig David's End Of The Show Show

    Everyone loves a bit of Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway so we were overjoyed to see the Swegway make an appearance.

    Craig David performed in an epic End Of The Show Show, featuring Ant & Dec on Swegways.

  3. The first Swegway dance video with Bieber

    It’s probably the most well used and popular Swegway TV moment, never to be forgotten. The dance cover, ‘What Do You Mean’ by the one and only Justin Bieber was performed in its fullness on Swegways. What’s not to like?!?

    We are sure it took some serious practice and plenty of outtakes.

  4. Usain Bolt and the famous knock down

    You have just won the world championship 200 metre gold medal and what happens next? You get knocked over by a cameraman riding a Segway of course.

  5. The original TV Swegway

    You can’t have a mention of Swegway TV moments and not mention the original and the best.

    Marty McFly made the hover board world famous in Back to the Future Part 2 when he planned his escape. It’s an all-time classic so make sure you watch again!


Well, that’s our top 5, are there any we have missed?

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