Even though Swegways may have been only big news over the last couple of years they have actually been around in various concepts and designs over many years.

Including the world famous Marty McFly’s Back To The Future Hoverboard, let’s take a look back over time to see Swegway history.

swegway - swegways over the years

  1. The very first Swegway

    There is not a lot of information available about this beauty but we can confirm this to be the very first Swegway prototype.

    Imagine riding this – how times have changed!


  2. Introducing the Legway!

    This is the ultimate green machine.

    Made from found materials this is a self-balancing, human powered, steampunked styled Swegway.

    Not the best looking machine in the world but a nice attempt none the less!


  3. The Sinclair C5
    This small battery powered machine was all set to be the next big thing!

    Launched in January of 1098 in a glitzy launch event, expectations were high but the public did not catch on. Now just a collector’s item and of replaced by the wonderful Swegway.


  4. The most famous Swegway ever
    Of course we cannot complete this blog without the mention of the man that made the Swegway famous, the one and only Marty McFly.

    Appearing in Back To The Future it was the first mainstream glimpse of a Swegway and we are indebted to Marty forever!


  5. Skateboards
    OK, so not quite a Swegway but they were all the rage in the 80’s. Every kid had to have one, just like the Swegway now.

    In fact we stock a range of skateboards so if you fancy a bit of boarding then you can see the range we have here.

    swegway skateboard

  6. The Swegway Shredder
    My Swegway is bigger than your Swegway!

    The Shredder is quite a machine and not one we are planning on stocking, especially the military version which includes grenade launchers. Ouch!


Of course the popularity of Swegways has never been greater than it is right now. With boards selling as quickly as ever if you have not purchased a board as yet then we have some great deals available. To see our full range and all that we have on offer, do visit our website.