In regards to recent press coverage about Swegways, please read our message below.

All of our products pass all EU Legislation and come with BSI 1363 approved UK chargers. 

We state this information on our website including the fact that we have fuses in our chargers, ensuring they are safe and that all of our chargers and sockets are certified and approved to British Standards.

For us, our customer’s safety comes first and we would never cut corners that would risk this.

For your peace of mind we have addressed possible points of concern:

1. Our chargers are BSI 1363 approved which means they adhere to British Standards and they come fitted with a fuse. You can check this by looking closely on the front where "BSI 1361" is embossed. Although they may say made in China, the majority of electronics nowadays come from there and this is no surprise and we do not hide this fact. Apple, Samsung and similar manufacturers all also produce their products in China.

2. The batteries in our Swegway boards come fitted with high quality Samsung lithium-ion cells. Which means you get highest possible grade batteries available.

3. Our boards are thoroughly tested for safety before being sent to customers. Ensuring you get a safe and working product.

We hope we have addressed all of your concerns.