have recently been featured in many online publications such as PC Advisor, Cosmopolitan and Telegraph UK.

After rounding up all of the articles we decided to review the best board for our readers. After being dubbed ‘most viral scooter’. A few short months ago it didn’t exist but now, the whole world wants one. It’s not just for the kids either, parents and grandparents alike are joining in on the craze.

We have chosen to review the iSwegway Classic Swegway Hoverboard as well as awarding it the Best Swegway Hoverboard 2016. 

The Classic Swegway Hoverboard

Basically it’s like a small sideways skateboard type thing – it works using a gyroscope to balance the rider on two wheels, kind of like a mini Segway but without the handle.
It is being touted as THE mode of personal transport of the future and this tech trend looks like it will be riding high for quick a while yet. An intelligent personal mobility device like this is not just fun, but also can be useful. At approximately 6mph max speed this is quite a bit faster than walking.

Features and usage

It’s available in a number of different colours ,weighs approximately 10kg (22lbs), and can travel up to 6mph on full charge. The Swegway Balance Board is powered by a rechargeable battery and you use your slight pressure from your feet to guide it where you want to go. Just shift your balance and the device will respond and move in that direction.

It’s simple to use! The first time you hop on it you’ll most definitely wobble a bit as you try to find your balance, but after about 20 minutes you should have found your feet and be at least moving around at a reasonable pace on your new ‘Swegway’. At the most you should be proficient in use after about a day so really there’s no great learning curve.

Where to buy the Black Swegway Hoverboard

This iSwegway review features the Black Classic Balance Board which is currently available for sale from £294.99, click this link to view the product.