Skateboards, bikes, roller blades/roller skates—they all have a thriving community that enjoys using them as props for tricks or to do tricks while riding them. It’s inevitable that the Swegway balance board community will develop these same types of enthusiasts. 

Right now, Swegway board tricks are in their early stages.  So far, the basic tricks you can do on a board include spinning (and reverse spinning), crouching while riding, jumps (while the Swegway remains stationary), and learning to navigate obstacles like curbs and stairs with your balance board. This video is a great example of how people are having fun with their hover boards right now:

1. Hover board 180 degree spin trick

This delightful young man demonstrates how to learn to do a 180 degree spin trick.  Essentially, the point of this trick is to jump in the air and turn 180 degrees, while the board remains motionless below you. You’ll end up facing the opposite direction. YouTube user ikvoom has some great pointers for practicing in stages, so you’ll pick this up in no time!

2. Spinning on a hover board

Just spinning may not sound like much of a trick—you’re basically just turning in one direction. But it’s not that you’re spinning, it’s whether or not you can do it in style. Check out Rocco, who makes this simple trick look amazing:

He spins forward, backward, upright, crouched—you name it. The point is, he did it with style! You’ll also notice he worked in a variation where he completely removed one foot from the board, using his hand instead.  You should definitely master regular spinning first, at a slow speed, then move on to crouching (all at slower speeds) before attempting this.

3. Going down stairs

In the previous video, Rocco does something else impressive: he takes the board down 14 stairs. Taking the balance board down stairs requires great balance and patience more than anything else. Rocco is careful to ensure that he’s stable after descending each step.


For a peek at what’s really possible on a hover board—at least if you’re a dancer with acrobatic training, like Kailey and Kelianne—check out this amazing video:

It’s a five girl dance done to Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry,” all on hover boards. No doubt Justin liked it, since he’s a fan of balance boards himself. He has several of his own!

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