Self-balancing Swegways, aka balance boards, are all the rage right now, and they appeal to people from all walks of life. That’s been made obvious by the number of famous faces that have been caught on the street on their mini boards. Even more have actually uploaded videos and photos of their new favourite tech to Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Facebook.


Justin Bieber

Super famous heart throb and songster, Justin Bieber has definitely contributed to the board’s popularity. And it’s not just Beliebers that felt the need to capitalize on their idol’s awesome new habit by getting a hover board. It seems he might be influencing fellow artists, too, like…


We don’t know for sure—all we know is that Skrillex was working with Justin on his new album right before he decided to start gliding. He definitely seems right at home on his slick new ride.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is super committed to his hoverboard writing. The security guards and LAPD at Los Angeles International Airport apparently took exception to his using it in the terminal and tackled him. That hasn’t diminished his love for his blingy gold balance board, though it certainly didn’t improve his opinion of the LAPD! On his next visit, however, he wasn’t bothered when gliding by.

Usain Bolt

You would think that the one person who probably wouldn’t be that interested in a way to walk less, it’d be Usain Bolt. But you’d be oh-so-wrong. The fastest man on two legs is also one of the smoothest riders on a hover board. He cruised through Heathrow Airport. Thankfully, the security at Heathrow seemed a bit more accepting than that at LAX. (Note: For now, hover boards aren’t allowed in public spaces in the UK, which has changed since Usain Bolt’s experience).

Jamie Foxx

This talented comedian doesn’t just love using his hover board at home. He’s proud enough of it that he brought it on his Tonight Show appearance with Jimmy Fallon. He even let Jimmy take it for a test drive.

Chris Brown

This R&B and hip hop star went stealth with an all-black model. He’s already incorporating it into his dance moves too—at least off screen!

At first it seems amazing just how broad the appeal of the balance board is, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Famous or not, rapper or racer, we all want the smooth, comfortable freedom that comes with a hoverboard.