Futuristic fun is now safety certified, thanks to uncompromising credentials from the UK’s leading hover boards retailer. Using next generation technology, iSwegway has engineered a range of hover boards that offer riders a smooth, stable and 100% safe experience.

Three­axis gyro­sensors and accelerometers work together to precisely monitor angular changes. For riders, this makes steering feel natural, intuitive and controlled. This keeps riders steady and confident at every turn. As a large chunk of Swegway board fails are caused by rough braking, iSwegway has channelled infinite expertise into developing its intelligent regenerative braking technology. By maintaining weight limit this technology actively works to create a streamlined braking motion, even when decelerating downhill.

As well as offering riders the smoothest cruise possible, iSwegway review all products to meet EU safety legislations. Every balance board is manufactured with premium components, including a fuse fitted BSI 1363 approved UK charger fitted and a high grade Samsung lithium­ion cell battery.

While safety always comes first at iSwegway HQ, that doesn’t stop the team from having a giggle at the expense of riders who run into the occasional spot of bother. Celebrity stacks never fail to draw big laughs, with Mike Tyson’s self-published hover board fall trending on Twitter for hours. While other A­listers have been less liberal in sharing their fails, hover board buffs such as Jamie Foxx, Usain Bolt, Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Chris Brown have undoubtedly had their fair share of mishaps.

Come Christmas there are always a host of new hover board fails to get people in stitches. Over the festive period the popular #hoverboardfail hashtag made getting a balance board fail fix easy, and the iSwegway team was hooked! Needless to say the latest Christmas themed hover board fail countdown from ViralThread was an instant hit.

“We’re a self­confessed team of hover board addicts and while we love to see riders killing it with mad balance skills, we also can’t get enough of the hilarious hover board fails that sweep the internet. From celebrity stacks to everyday Brits crashing and b urning in style, there’s always time to take 5 with the latest YouTube compilation,” says Katy Fitzgerald, the company’s Marketing Director.

While hover board stacks can be funny, iSwegway is always committed to making rides as safe and stable as possible. The development of technology allows them to do just this, with company engineers hailed for creating the most reliable balance boards in the business.

To find out more about iSwegway and browse the huge range of safety certified hover boards now available to purchase online, go to: http://www.iswegway.com/

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iSwegway is the UK's largest online swegway retailer. All products are tried and tested in the UK to ensure superlative safety. The site stocks a huge range of products, complete with 12 month warranties.