There is no doubting the popularity of the Swegway and since their arrival they have caused plenty of online chatter and interest from the media. As with any fast moving vehicle safety has to always be the number priority.


Different places from around the world have different legislation and law around the Swegway so to avoid any unnecessary confusion we thought we would do a worldwide tour. Where can you actually ride your Swegway legally and where can’t you?

There are some major locations that don’t allow the Swegway simply based on the theory that there are too many people around. With such quantities of people hitting the streets you can see why this is a sensible idea.

So where are they not allowed?

The UK

Let’s start with our very own country. In the UK you can only ride your Swegway on private land. The Highway Act 1835, bans riding Swegways on the pavement. Offenders can be fined up to £500 plus any damage they cause.

New York

No need to pack your Swegway if you are off to The Big Apple. If you are caught riding your Swegway on the street on NYC, then you can expect a fine of up to $500.

New South Wales

If you tried riding your Swegway on the roads of NSW, then you can be looking of a fine of up to a huge AUS$900.

Hong Kong

You are not allowed to ride a Swegway on any streets or pavements in Hong Kong and will again receive a hefty fine if caught doing so. You can incur a fine of up to HK$5000.

Where else?

Take a look at this of where else you do not want to be found riding your Swegway.









We are sure there are other places where the ban is applied and if you know of places that we have missed please do let us know.

In many of the above places it has anger with such items as mobility scooters allowed but at present the bans do remain in place.


Regardless of the above there is still plenty (and we mean plenty) of fun to be had on a Swegway. You can ride your Swegway on private land as much as you want meaning sales are still incredibly high and this Christmas the Swegway will once again be the number one item on many Christmas lists. If you are looking to purchase a Swegway then we have an extensive range available. In fact, you can get hold of The UK’s bestselling Swegway from us for just £269.99. See it here and see the full range here.