If you thought things couldn’t get any better than the Swegway then prepare yourself for the Ninebot Mini Pro. It’s an all new riding experience.

Here at iSwegway we have recently started to stock the Mini Pro and what a machine it is. Find out all you need to know about this exciting new release below.

Ninebot Mimi Pro

Safety focussed

The rider’s safety is absolute priority when it comes to this machine. It contains technology which automatically stops the motor when you lift the Mini Pro or if it falls. Containing a total of 15 safety controls it also features:

  • Over speed warning
  • Antiskid tyre
  • Disaster recovery design
  • Fault alarm and black box
  • Power of self-test
  • Intelligent battery monitoring

The Ninebot Mimi Pro really is an incredibly safe machine.

Inductive LED rainbow lamp

One of the really attractive aspects of the Mini Pro is the lighting scheme. It comes with:

  • Headlight
  • Taillight
  • Steering light
  • Brake light

All these looks great but what really is impressive is that the colour scheme is customisable for functions such as stop, slow and turning. In fact, you have a choice of up to an unbelievable 16 million colours!

15° gradability

Even a 15° slope or dip is going to cause no problems for this Ninebot. The Mini Pro has been designed in a way that automatically identifies small obstacles or slopes and then will adjust the power based on the road conditions.

In fact, it will pick up on:

  • Rainy conditions
  • Gravel
  • A slope
  • Obstacles
  • Tiles

The Mini Pro will easily climb any inclines up to 15° to ensure your ride is as safe and smooth as possible.

Ultra-long riding distance

The Mini Pro can go a super long 30km on just one single charge.

Due to its cutting edge 18650-lithium battery this Ninebot can seriously go the distance. It really is a long distance ride.

4 times faster than walking

Why walk when you have the Ninebot. In fact, why even run?

The Mini Pro will move at a speed four time faster than if you were on foot. You can ride the Ninebot at a comfortable speed of 18km per hour but not just that it is an exceptionally stable ride too.

Incredible balance

You can actually master the Ninebot Mini Pro in just 3 minutes. Yep, you heard it right, just 3 minutes.

It is super easy to get started. Due to its censors the Ninebot continuously reads and recognises every motion and movement that your body makes and automatically adjusts the vehicle speed at a rate of 200 times per second to keep you balanced. Now that is impressive!

Remote-controlled via Bluetooth

Fancy turning the Ninebot into a toy that turns a 360 radius or drops off items to a friend? All this can be done through Bluetooth control from your smartphone.

Imagine your new Ninebot chasing your dog around all controlled by you on your smartphone. Now that does sound like fun!


The Ninebot Mini Pro truly is an impressive machine. It is available on our website at a reduced cost of just £899.99. Perfect for the ultimate Christmas present! You can see full details here.