While most of us are quite content to be able to cruise about on our hoverboards uninterrupted and perhaps grab a cup of tea from the kitchen on the way through, some people are out there thinking of ingenious new ways to make the most of their Swegways. No matter how old they are or where they’re from, these hoverboard pioneers are a real inspiration.


Walk This Way

We can’t get over the fact that an 86-year-old Swedish pensioner has come up with this mad-brilliant new way to make using his walker a snap! Lasse Thorn glides around town on a unique walker/Swegway hybrid, looking every inch the coolest granddad in town. We also notice he’s even got a matching helmet – putting safety first is smart, no matter how old or young you might be!


Bobbies on the Beach

We never imagined that the Segway could be used to fight crime when you’re on your holidays, but these brilliant bobbies in Newquay have decided to start using this method of transportation on their patrols, so they can help people more quickly and easily. What an incredible idea – you can ride your own personal transport beachside, too, now that we have the amazing Ninebot Elite in stock.


Save the First Dance

London-based couple Louise Clohesy and Michael Kelly gave their wedding dance the wow factor when they decided to perform part of it on hoverboards. This surprised and delighted their unsuspecting guests and definitely made for some wedding pictures to treasure forever.


Holy Hoverboards

A priest got into a bit of trouble for giving part of his sermon rolling round on a Swegway. While we think it’s awesome, some people were less impressed. Still – it has to be one of the most unexpected uses for a hoverboard, don’t you think?


It Must Be Love

This is perhaps out favourite from the whole bunch of hoverboard heroes from this week. We just adore that 78-year-old John Anderson takes his 76-year-old wife Judy on his Swegway adventures with him. Judy is in a wheelchair, and John uses his board to push her so they can enjoy their walks together. Did your heart melt a bit? Ours did.