It’s no secret by now that we at iSwegway LOVE our hoverboards. A great way to get around and a fantastically fun way of improving your balance and getting to grips with a whole new way of moving, the Swegway sensation is here to stay.

And we’re not the only ones who think so. There are whole hosts of celebrities who are obsessed with their balance boards. We thought we’d have a little look to see who has been caught out and about on their boards lately – as well as some of our old favourites.


Justin Bieber

The ‘Sorry’ chart topper is a well known hoverboard enthusiast and early adopter of our favourite two wheeled mode of transportation. He has also inspired quite a few Swegway dances to his music.


Amy Childs

Former TOWIE star Amy looks comfortable and relaxed on her board, gliding around like a pro. For similarly style (and safety) conscious ladies, we recommend a matching helmet to go with your board.


Rochelle Humes

This is one Saturday who loves her Swegway on every day of the week! Rochelle seems a bit shaky and unsure, though – she probably needs a little more practice before busting out any serious moves. If she asked us, we’d recommend our classic Swegway, which is perfect for beginners.


Alberto Moreno

We don’t recommend walking your dog using your Swegway (at least not any further than around your garden), but if you really want to practice, our 8 inch board is a lot more rugged and suitable for extended outdoor use. Could be a fun way of tiring out your pooch, just like Alberto. You just have to hope that they don’t spot a cat!


Ruby Rose

Celebrating the return of Netflix hit ‘Orange is the New Black’, Ruby Rose has been spotted looking cool while enjoying the sun on her hoverboard. We agree that it’s the perfect accessory for the summer months... as long as it’s not raining.