This week, we introduced something so exciting to our online store that we can’t help wanting to shout about it! As you know, we’re pretty enthusiastic about our favourite Swegway hoverboards just as they are – we love everything from that first time you step on your board to that incredible moment when you master balancing on it properly and can cruise around like a pro, busting out some amazing tricks and spins.

However, we’re open to change and we also think it’s great when our humble hoverboard is updated to give you a whole new way of riding.

If you have often thought while riding your board “this is fab, but I’d really like to be sitting down!” then we have you covered with the iSwegway Hoverkart!

Since discovering this new and frankly rather life-altering way of having fun on our hoverboards, we’ve been thinking about what exactly it is about turning your Swegway into a GoKart that’s so appealing.


1. It’s Relaxing!

Okay, so there is definitely a slight element of laziness to why we love this so much. We get the chance to enjoy our boards while we’re sitting down. Talk about luxury! Travelling via Swegway is always entertaining, but the iSwegway Hoverkart takes balancing out of the equation entirely. Which means you’re a bit less likely to become a YouTube sensation after a hilarious fall.


2. Give Your Board a Second Life!

We’re far from tired of our hoverboards, but we’re wowed by this new addition to the family. If you’ve started to only use your board once every so often or your kids have left it alone for a while, we bet that the Hoverkart will make anyone fall in love with their Swegway all over again.


3. Experience a Real Thrill Ride!

How else are you going to able to create a GoKart in 15 minutes and enjoy speeding around on it? It’s a very fast way to travel and you can get that GoKart feeling without heading down to a track. Wherever you are, you can experience the heady rush of pelting along in your Hoverkart.


4. Off to the Races!

If you’re lucky enough to get two Hoverkarts in your household or you happen to have a friend with one, you can take part in fantastically fun races. Whether you’re competing for a prize (which could be awesome) or you just want to prove who’s fastest, this will give you hours of entertainment.


5. Sheer Curiosity!

Come on, the moment you saw the iSwegway Hoverkart, you wanted to know what it feels like to actually change up your board in such a fun, fresh way. It’s possible that once you know what it’s like to ride in this unique way, you may never want to stop. Don’t say we didn’t warn you...



So what are you waiting for? We’re thrilled to be able to offer you the iSwegway Hoverkart Kit (not including a board) for just £149.99 (down from £199.99). So don’t miss out! And make sure to keep us in the loop about how much you’re enjoying your Hoverkart so we can feature you in our future posts.