The term ‘hoverboard’ gets thrown around quite a bit, with everyone wondering what exactly it means. And we know that lots of people are holding out hope that they will soon be taking to the air on their very own flying (or at least floating) board. While we might be quite a way off from the Marty McFly dream, we love getting that same feeling of wind-in-our-hair exhilaration when riding our fantastic Classic Swegways.

However, we wouldn’t pass up the chance to have a go on this jet-powered hoverboard, created by Franky Zapata. After four years of hard work, Zapata has taken to the sky on his Flyboard Air, an innovative machine which allows the skilled user to travel at speeds of up to 93 miles per hour.

The French Jet Ski champion first released footage of the board two months ago, with many believing it to be a hoax. But now that he has snagged a Guinness World Record, the doubters must be eating their words!



But before you start planning to head overseas to try out this amazing invention, it’s sadly not available to the public (yet). Aside from that, Zapata says you need 50 to 100 hours of practice on his original Flyboard (which works using water) before you’d even be ready to step foot on the Flyboard Air.

A shame, yes, but until then we can all enjoy zipping about on our own Swegways – you can travel five times faster than walking speed on our 8 inch board and all of our bestselling balance boards can cover up to 16 miles of ground. You can’t argue with that!

So while we wait to float like Franky, we hope you’ll join us on our Swegway journey.