Here at iSwegway we are constantly bombarded with a variety of questions on the subject of Swegways. Of course, before purchasing it is common to ask questions that you would like clarity on. It is always good to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right purchase no matter what the product.

To help we have put together the our top 8 Swegway questions!


1. Are Swegways dangerous?

When Swegways first hit the market there were various media reports regarding some boards catching fire. This was down to cheaply manufactured boards flooding the market. Steps were taken at this time and these boards have now been removed from the market.

Our boards are and have always been built to the highest quality and with quality components. Each board is also tested before it is shipped to you.

Like any motorised device, care has to be taken when using the Swegway but in terms of the board itself, they are not dangerous when used correctly.

2. What size Swegway should I buy?

There are three size options you need to consider when it comes to a Swegway. They are available in a 6”, 10” and 8” and each board has differences that are worth looking at.

For a detailed comparison on board sizes do have a read of this blog we wrote a few months ago.

3. Do I need to buy safety equipment?

The most important thing is your safety and here at iSwegway that is always our priority. As we have mentioned each of our boards are tested before dispatch and each board is made from the highest quality components.

In terms of your safety, there are a number of products that you can purchase to save those bumps and bruises. We would recommend the purchase of a helmet and this essential pad set.

4. Do I get warranty with my new board?

Every Swegway that we sell comes complete with 12 months warranty. When you make a purchase, you want to have the peace of mind that if anything does go wrong you are covered.

We are confident that the warranty we provide is of a standard that even the manufacturers cannot compete with. To see full details of what is included do take a look here.

5. Are you based in the UK?

We are located in the UK and have multiple warehouses from which we ship our boards. You can be assured that all our business is done from this country, which gives you extra peace of mind.

Our customer service team is also located here in the UK so should you need to contact us you will be dealing with people that can help deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently.

6. Do you charge for delivery?

The good news is that we do have free delivery available. Simply order your new board and you will receive your new Swegway within 48 hours with no delivery costs.

We do offer express delivery and Saturday delivery and full details on these costs can be found here.

7. Where are the boards made?

All Swegway are manufactured in China. You can be assured that we inspect and test every board that we sell. Our team of UK Engineers take great care in ensuing that your board will be received by you fully working and tested.

8. Do you have any advice for when I first get my new board?

There is lots of advice that we could give for when you first jump on your new board. Primarily it is all about taking your time to learn, do not try to hit top speeds after 2 minutes of riding and maybe hold onto a wall or someone as you first start to learn.

However, to really help we have put together a starter guide which you can get from our website for free. Just visit our site and download the guide.


To see our full range of Swegways take a look here. With an extensive range of boards at great prices, we are confident you will find what you are looking for. If you need any help with selecting the right board for you then do not hesitate to contact us.