Did you know that Wimbledon has started? Of course you did. The world famous tennis tournament and national institution (and great excuse to indulge in Pimms and strawberries) is the highlight of the sporting calendar for many. And it has got us thinking about what kinds of sports we could get up to on our own Swegway boards...

It just so happens that we’re not going where no man has gone before – the great people of the internet have already beaten us to the punch when it comes to creating great new ways to play their favourite sports with their sensational Swegways.

So if Wimbledon has got you in the sporty mood, then get inspired with this roundup of our favourite Swegway sporting heroes!  How long can it really be until possessing sick Swegway skills is a sport all by itself?


Swegway Football

The Beautiful Game gets a thoroughly modern twist in this video! It looks like great fun to us. All we can think is that Swegway rugby would be brutal. If you want to enjoy your board out and about like these guys, we recommend an 8 inch Swegway for you!


Swegway Obstacle Racing

This is a bit of a mad one even by our standards and we’re not entirely sure it will ever make it to the Olympics... it looks pretty cool, though. We would definitely not be doing this around our local supermarket – but it might be fun to try around your house with your classic board!


Swegway Basketball

This is something we certainly want to try. Swegway basketball tests your balance skills to the limit. If you can make a shot while on your board, we think you’re quite incredible. Look at how these guys do in their friendly competition.


Swegway Acrobatic Dance

Dancing is totally a sport – have you seen what these amazing ladies can do with their boards? We wish we were this flexible and graceful on our hoverboards... Don’t mind us, we’ll just be over here watching this jealously.


Swegway Tennis

We would be remiss if we didn’t include tennis on this list – it turns out that even if you missed out on tickets for Wimbledon, you can have your own tennis star fun with your Swegway, just like this little dude. Just make sure you wear protective gear to keep yourself safe from any errant tennis balls.