Whether it’s the World Cup, Euros, Olympics, Wimbledon or the Ashes, there is always some sporting occasion to grip the nation and get us all excited. Unfortunately, more often than not we are left disappointed with the results, but hey, that’s England for you!

To brighten up our sports success starved nation we thought we would mix our love of sport with the love we have for Swegways. You probably didn’t realise that the two go together but we can assure you, they do.

We don’t expect to see Swegway sports on our TV screens real soon or it entered as an Olympic sport but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some Swegway sports moments. Take a look at where sport and Swegway have come together to create some classic moments.

1. Swegway Football Freestyle

It’s not just football but some complex tricks and skills whilst riding your board.

It is so much harder than it looks but it can be done. Grab your board and your ball and see what you can do. If you think you are a bit of a freestyle football star then send us your video and we would love to feature your on our social media channels.

2. Swegway Race

You would think a Swegway race is straight forward but you would be wrong, especially when there are 7 of you.

See how these guys got on.

3. Swegway Jousting

This one takes a bit of work but it looks serious fun. Jousting on a Swegway – not for the faint hearted!

4. Swegway Ice Hockey

You would think that ice hockey is tricky enough but throwing in some Swegways takes things to the next level.

We would not recommend this but enjoy watching.

5. Swegway Olympics

Going for gold on the Swegway!

Grab a few obstacles, a timer and some friends on Swegways and you can battle it out at your very own Swegway Olympics.


These is endless fun to be had on a Swegway and that is why they are set to be the number one gift again this Christmas. If you are looking for a board for yourself or as a gift, then do take a look at our huge selection of boards here.