Swegways appeared on the scene like a bolt out of the blue and very quickly became what can only be described as a phenomenon. Xbox and PlayStation controllers were dropped and Swegways became the new most wanted item around. Christmas 2015 saw them become the number one present but is that Swegway momentum still rolling? Are they still proving to be popular?

You may think we are biased but the answer is an overwhelming YES and here is why…

  1. They are still fresh and new

    The reality is that Swegways have not been around that long and are still a new and much sought after gadget for many. They dominated sales last Christmas and all signs point to the fact that Christmas 2016 will also see many Swegways appear under Christmas trees across the UK.

  2. Despite any negative publicity they still set like hotcakes

    Like most new electronic and popular items when Swegways first came onto the scene there was lots of controversy around what they did and didn’t do.

    Any negative reports were dealt with quickly and are now few and far between. Despite these headlines the Swegway has continued to be a much sought after purchase and they continue to sell by the bundle.

  3. New models are still being released

    There is certainly no slowdown when it comes to releasing new boards and models. There are always new features, options and designs heading your way and here at iSwegway we ensure you get the very latest releases at the very best prices.

    We have recently added the impressive Ninebot and GoKart to our range and they really are the coolest of gadgets. Make sure you take a look!

    With new releases constantly coming your way we are ensuring that consumers like you get the very latest in Swegway releases.

  4. They are still as popular as ever

    For anyone that says Swegways are old hat the facts prove otherwise. You can’t argue with statistics and with sales still strong and the word Swegways being added to many people's Christmas list, they really are still as popular as ever.

    Earlier this year we were at the Gadget Show (watch the video below) and you can see just how popular the Swegway is.

  5. Prices are super competitive

    One of the best things about Swegways is that they are affordable and won’t cost you the earth. Of course, it is even better if you can grab yourself a real bargain and with up to 40% off on our boards right now prices are as low as ever.

    If you compare the price of our Swegways to many others you will see we make sure that you can buy your new board at a great price.

Swegways still are the coolest way to get around and that is not changing soon. See our range of boards that we have on offer and grab your new board today.