We know that the great British summer can be a bit hit and miss. One day it’s blazing sunshine and there are more ice cream vans and hastily DIY’d cut off shorts than you can shake a stick at – and the next all you’re shaking is the rain off your soggy umbrella.

So, believe us, we feel the pull of sunnier climes where the summer lasts more than the odd day or two here and there and we’re not constantly checking our weather apps before deciding whether to move the picnic indoors.  

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on a sunshine break, good for you. Don’t forget to send us a postcard. However, if you’re waiting until later in the year when it’s a bit cheaper (we tend towards a spot of savvy saving ourselves) or if you’re having to give holidays a miss altogether this year, don’t let it get you down.

We have a fantastic way to enjoy your very own staycation, whether you’re going down to the family caravan in Wales or living it up in your own back garden. After all, when you’ve got a Swegway, every day can feel like a holiday.

With this in mind, we’ve been thinking up ways of enjoy your Swegway for some activities that can be done in the comfort of your own home.


1. Now is the perfect time of year to master your Swegway. While a board is a great way of getting around your house, you can use the summer months to show off outdoors – so it might be time to invest in an 8 inch board that can do both with ease (it even comes complete with Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your summer 2016 playlist).

2. Spending time in your garden has never been more fun! Rather than just lazing about in the sun, you can enjoy a smooth ride on a Swegway. Pick some flowers. Enjoy the breeze in your hair. Get up and get moving when it’s sunny – there will be plenty of time for sitting about when it’s raining again.

3. Barbequing. While we don’t suggest you trying to cook with open flames without your feet firmly on the ground, you can certainly enjoy serving your friends and family from the comfort of your board. We think paper plates would be a good idea for this one. And maybe make sure you’ve got really good balance before you try it in front of people. Practice makes perfect!

4. Ball games are always a summer staple, especially when there are kids about. Get them off their tablets and phones for a while with some serious Swegway action – we reckon you can start with a game of catch and progress from there. If you ever manage to master Swegway tennis, please upload the video to YouTube so we can all be impressed/jealous of your skills. And don’t forget to wear some protective gear to keep yourself safe.

5. Housework. Okay, so everyone knows that tidying up and vacuuming are the least fun you can possibly have in life. But it’s got to get done. And in our opinion, doing those everyday chores is a lot more fun on a Swegway. So next time you’re finding odd socks (why does one sock always fall out of the laundry basket?), you can be smashing through your dull daily duties on your very own hoverboard.


Are you still waiting to get your hands on a Swegway? Well, first of all, what’s the hold up? Like the weather (today, we can’t vouch for tomorrow), Swegways have never been hotter. It’s the perfect time to go rolling around your garden on a futuristic hoverboard. You may not fool the neighbours that you’re actually from the future, but they’re sure to be impressed when they see you gliding by in the sunshine.

If you’ve come up with a fantastic way to have summer fun on your Swegway, let us know. Get in touch via social media – we’d love to hear from you!