Summer is the perfect time to embrace getting outside and taking in some fresh air – and if you’ve got a Swegway with you, it’s even better! Having fun in your back garden has never been so easy. In this Weekly Roundup, people are enjoying their hoverboards outdoors and loving it! Take a look...


Practice Makes Perfect...

Alright, so we all struggled the first time we stepped on a Swegway. But we love @sam.martin23 documenting their friend’s hilarious hoverboard tumble. She seems in good spirits after the fall – so hopefully she got right up and tried again!

@hannahlouise77 nailed it #swegway #bail

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Out and About

We love to see kids enjoying their boards, and @kjmcfc shared this sweet snap of two young Swegway fans getting some fresh air while gliding about. They look to be having the time of their lives.  



Summer Essentials

Even if you’re not getting away on holiday this year, you can still make sure you’ve got all your summer must-haves to hand. @ddevald is doing it right with his cool collection, including a sensational Swegway board. We love it!



Dog Days

@lord_miisha is cheating slightly at the dog walking game (and we’re not entirely sure we’d risk this) but it’s an interesting idea to incorporate your hoverboard into your pooch duties. As long as your dog isn’t big enough to yank you off balance, that is.

The actual purpose of a swegway 😂 #walkingthedog #lordmisha #summer #swegway #gymmode

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Family Time

One of the great things about both Swegways and the recent Pokémon Go sensation is that everyone is out and enjoying the world around them far more. We think the younger generation is captured perfectly in @imnotnorm’s adorable family photo, including three different types of personal transportation. Absolutely incredible!



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