Hello and welcome to another Weekly Roundup! This week, we have been scouring the internet to find fun, funky ways that people are enjoying their hoverboards all over the world. Wherever you live, you’re sure to see people having a great time with their Swegways. These are our greatest hits from the last week:


Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Turns out we’re not the only office that has their own hoverboards - @yolo.evasim is enjoying the 9 to 5, gliding around on this Swegway! Us next, please.


Art Attack

We love this hoverboard artwork by @felicedenigris. It’s a throwback to the inspiration behind many a Swegway dream – Marty McFly riding the original board. So cool!

80's Hover board #illustration #vector #instart #hoverboard

A photo posted by Felice DeNigris (@felicedenigris) on



You’ve Got a Friend in Me

We always suggest getting someone to make sure you stay steady when you first step on your Swegway board, and it’s great to see these two friends helping each other out as they learn how to keep their balance.  @Imz_sunny1994 is really showing off what friendship is all about.


A video posted by sunny (@lmz_sunny1994) on



Wacky Races

@alyssa_dezek_official is taking part in the ultimate battle – hoverboards vs. scooters! It looks like a lot of fun to us, but we think the Swegway always wins!

Hoverboard vs kick scooters #aaroniskandardezek #hoverboard #kickscooter #smartbalancewheel #alyssatheukulelegirl

A video posted by Aryanna Alyssa Dezek (@alyssa_dezek_official) on



Swegway School

@jonathankeenan captured this incredible moment in Barcelona! A group of people, all learning how to use their hoverboards together. Boarding is definitely more fun in groups and this looks like a brilliant way to spend a summer night!



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