Here at iSwegway, one of the things we love most about our favourite hoverboards is that we never know what people are going to do with them next. While we might be content just using our board to fetch a packet of biscuits from the kitchen or gliding around the garden, some clever types are taking their Swegway use to another level entirely. And we have so much fun seeing the unimaginable ways the great people of the Internet utilise their Swegways.

Here are a few of our favourites... 


These Cheeky Inventors

We all know that it isn’t legal to ride your Swegway out and about on public roads and we find that the best way to use your Swegway legally is in and around your own home. However, the jokers at Airwheel decided to have some fun with the law and mocked up a cardboard ‘hover box’ to wear around your board, essentially disguising it from view. Sort of. However, we hasten to point out that this is just for a laugh – you can’t actually ride your Swegway with a cardboard box around it. That would be silly! But if you do want to enjoy your Swegway outside your house as well as in, we’d recommend the 8 inch board for you.

Read all about it here!


This Daring Enthusiast

This is a real don’t try this at home stunt, but we can’t help but feel impressed (and more than a little nervous) while watching Russian daredevil Oleg Cricket breaking out some crazy tricks on his hoverboard. What makes this really mind blowing is that he’s doing these stunts on top of a skyscraper in Dubai. Not that we’re afraid of heights but... rather him that us. Oleg, we salute you. Stay safe.


Some Swegway Sporting Heroes

We’re always up for new ways to get some exercise on our Swegway, but here’s something we never thought of – Swegway Go-Karting!  Luckily, someone else has come up with it for us, so we can just sit back and enjoy their antics. It looks like the most fun anyone has ever had, but we’re not sure about trying this for ourselves quite yet. We may need a little more practice, but at just £289.99 for our ever popular 6 inch black Classic board (also available in a range of great colours), we might give it a go sometime soon.


A Boarding Dinosaur

What if we were still walking with dinosaurs? Would they be walking at all? This one is a little bit beyond belief, but trust us – it’s real! Well... it’s really some properly cool person dressed like a Tyrannosaurus rex, riding a Swegway board. While we’re a little disappointed it’s not a completely real dinosaur, this person is a complete legend for showing us what it would look like if our prehistoric friends were alive today. We like to think they’d Instagram it our way, too...


The Dancing Queen and King  

Here’s something we never thought we’d see. When we think of a flawless and romantic dance routine, we don’t necessarily imagine it happening on anything other than the flat ground. But this amazing couple have taken it up a notch by getting a Swegway board involved with their dance, and the results are incredible. Have a look for yourself and decide whether this might be a whole new craze. Imagine that as the first dance at your wedding! Legendary.

See the full video here!


We haven’t quite got around to being this talented or inventive yet, we’d love to see more weird and wonderful Swegway action. If you spot anything especially crazy – or even if you come up with a brand new way to have fun with your board – then don’t forget to give us a shout about it on social media.