This week heralded the hottest day of the year here in the UK and in between waiting for the ice cream van to arrive and taking our fans out of storage, we had time to check out another new development in the world of Swegways.

We’re sure everyone remembers this sensational dance routine to Justin Bieber’s smash hit What Do You Mean, but just in case you want a little refresher, give it a watch!



Well, the brilliant dancers who brought you that incredible piece of art are back with a fresh take on Zayn Malik’s latest release, Like I Would! Everyone has probably heard it on the radio by now, but wait until you see this amazingly challenging dance:


The closest we ever come to managing a dance like that is listening to music while riding our Bluetooth boards. But this got us looking for other dancers who have taken their feet off solid ground and decided to incorporate a hoverboard into their routines.


We’re partial to a bit of Bieber, so this hoverboard cover of Sorry is a particular favourite. If you’re going to take your board out for a dance, the 8 inch board is more rugged and can handle rougher terrain.


It’s great to see kids enjoying their boards in different ways, and this group have totally nailed their dance to Jump and Shake. We love the way they incorporate their Swegways into their upbeat routine. We think a youthful dance like this would look great with our comic print Swegway board!


Speaking of kids, this young lad doesn’t have any fancy lighting or a cool set – he’s just dancing on his Swegway solo in his house, and it’s fantastic! You could recreate this using a 6 inch classic board.


If you or someone you know has come up with their own dance routine using a board, make sure to let us know on one of our social media channels. We’d love to feature you alongside these legends!