Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard all about Pokémon Go. If you’ve not yet jumped onboard with this incredible new trend, then we bet you know one (or twenty) people who have. Or you will have at least seen someone messing about on their phone with slightly more excitement and vigour than usual.

People from every age group are enjoying the biggest hit of 2016 – whether they’re kids in the playground or business people grabbing their morning coffee, no one can get enough of catching their favourite Pokémon.

However, for some people the process of catching Pokémon and hatching eggs is altogether too tedious – it simply takes too long. And some ingenious types have decided that they need to speed up their progress using their favourite modern tech to help them.



We’re not really surprised that people have started riding their hoverboards while playing Pokémon Go. It’s a very clever way of speeding the game along and getting the Pokémon you want. Besides, now that we’ve done a bit of research on it, we can’t help but think that it looks like the most fun ever.

Take a look at these sometimes funny, sometimes brilliant videos and tell us you’re not tempted to give it a go yourself!


These clever types have broken the game wide open by taking out what’s kind of the whole point of it – that you go for a walk. We can’t deny that the HoverSeat, while it must be the laziest way to play Pokémon Go, looks fairly amazing and we wouldn’t mind taking a turn.


This video is quite a good look at hatching eggs using your hoverboard. If you’re looking for straightforward instructions, then you can’t go wrong!


Want to see what it looks like when you head out and about playing your new favourite game? Well, now you don’t have to because these guys have done it for you!


Our personal favourite video might be this one. It doesn’t take itself very seriously at all (after all, it’s a game!) and pokes a bit of fun at the whole idea of using your board in the pursuit of Pokémon perfection. A good reminder that the best thing you can do is have fun!


So, are you playing the game-changing Pokémon Go? Do you want to? And would you ever use your Swegway in order to ‘get ahead’?

We must admit to being more than a little intrigued...