Whether you are looking to purchase a Swegway as a Christmas gift for a loved one or you already own a board there are a number of accessories available you may want to consider. Each adds to your Swegway experience and we have listed the main options for you below.

Swegway Hoverkart

Hoverkart Kit

Turn your Swegway into a cool Go-kart in minutes. The Swegway Hoverkart add-on is simple to attach and takes around 15 minutes to get in place.

You can attach it to any 6”, 8” or 10” board to really add to your Swegway experience, plus, it is suitable for both adults and children so everyone can join in the fun. You just adjust it to fit.

It is super addictive fun and you can get yours on our website for just £149.99.

Pad Set

For that extra protection you can purchase a range of triple pad sets from our online store. Featuring knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards they are the ultimate in Swegway protection.

Since they also contain a soft lining and backing sock, we ensure they are comfortable to wear too. See our essential set here.

Swegway Cover

Available in a range of colours and designs you can pimp up your Swegway with our cool covers.

These protective covers fit round your board to help protect it from any accidents. They will fit on your board in a matter of seconds.

They are specifically designed to absorb shock from any impact which of course helps your board should you have any little incidents.

If you want to protect and refresh the look of your board these are the perfect option. We have 15 different colours to choose from. See our red camouflage cover here.

Protective Strips

Our simple protective strips fit over your Swegway wheel arches to help protect your board. Again, they will help you look after your board over the long term and are super easy to fit.

At just £9.99 they are a no-brainer. See them here.


Safety is paramount to us here at iSwegway, which is why we offer you a range of accessories focused on keeping your and your board safe.

Our helmets come in a range of colours and sizes for both children and adults. Giving you a comfortable and precise fit they are an addition we would recommend for all Swegway riders. We now also have a design your own helmet that comes individually boxed with a sticker sheet containing over 30 stickers to allow hundreds of different combinations to create your own design and style.

Shoulder Carry Bag

Each of our Swegways comes complete with a FREE carry case but we also offer an additional 8" Swegway Shoulder Carry Bag for easy transportation of your board.

It comes complete with shoulder straps so you can use as a backpack so you can carry your board with ease. Perfect for a Christmas gift!


Each of our accessories has been designed to complement your Swegway experience. You can see the full range of our accessories on our website.