With the countdown to Christmas well and truly on decisions are being made on what Santa will be delivering in just a few weeks’ time? On many lists you will find the word ‘Swegway’. So if you are on the lookout for a new board for a loved one then what is it that you need to be looking out for? What do you need to do to ensure you get the best value for money?

Let us help you…

new swegway

1. Purchase from a reputable source

There are many places that you can buy a new board from but making sure you buy from a supplier that is respected and reputable is vitally important. There are boards out there that are not always made from the highest quality of components which won’t give you value for money in the long run

Here at iSwegway we are a trusted UK seller with a huge selection of boards and accessories. We sell and ship 1000’s of boards across the UK so you know when you buy from us you buy with confidence.

2. You receive warranty

Warranty gives you a peace of mind that for the next 12 months you are covered. Every single board that we sell comes complete with a year’s warranty. This covers any electrical malfunctions and manufacturing faults relating to the casing, chassis and wheels. This does not include general wear and tear and damage caused by impact or dropping.

3. UK source

When you are on the hunt for a new Swegway there will be plenty of options to buy a board from abroad. This may seem like an attractive proposition but it does come with risks. When will the board arrive? What if it breaks or is faulty on arrival?

We are proudly British and a trusted UK seller. Every board that we send comes from one of our UK warehouses and comes with a UK charger. We also provide you with UK based customer service should you need any help post pre or post the purchase of your new Swegway.

4. Fully tested

It is important that your board is tested before it is shipped to you. We take your safety seriously and as with any electrical item the product should always be thoroughly tested before dispatch.

Each of our boards are thoroughly tested by UK based engineers before we send it out to you. This ensures that you receive a fully working board that can be enjoyed for many months to come.

5. What about accessories?

Not only do we sell a huge range of boards we also stock a wide range of accessories. There are one or two items that you may wish to purchase along with the board.

Safety of course is very important so you may want to purchase a helmet or pad sets that protects knees, elbows and wrists. Other options are swegway covers to help keep the board protected or you may want to splash out on a Swegway HoverKart Kit. This is a new addition to our range that means you can turn the board into a Go-Kart. This is a seriously impressive piece of kit that can be seen here. They are proving to be super popular this Christmas.


At iSwegway we offer the best prices available in the UK. Along with the reasons above there truly is only one place to buy a new board this Christmas. To look through our extensive range of boards simply click here.