When purchasing your new Swegway it is of course important that you make the right purchase, everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck. We are sure you are no different.

When you start searching for your new board it can be a little overwhelming with the different options available to you. What size should you buy? What features do you require and other questions will need to be answered?

To help you make the right Swegway purchase we have pulled together some helpful pointers so you can ensure that you make the right decision. Read some of the most popular questions we get asked when it comes to buying the right Swegway for your needs.

Swegway board

How old do you need to be to ride a board?

There is no set minimum age for being able to purchase or ride a Swegway. They are suitable for all ages but we would normally recommend from ages 10 upward. We also of course recommend safety gear being worn (which you can see here). Parental supervision in the early stages of getting a new board is also a good idea.

What size Swegway should I buy?

Boards are available in 6”, 8” and 10”. It is important you get the right board based on various factors such as will you be using the board indoors, outdoor or both?

To break it down for you:

6” boards

The 6" Swegway comes with hard tyres that are ideal for indoor use. It is a lighter board and can be used outside but best to stick to flat surfaces.

The battery life on the 6” is excellent and will give you plenty of ride time. If you are a larger ride it might be worth looking at an 8” board.

8” boards

This is a bigger board with rubber tyres meaning is great for outdoor use. There will be no problems moving along grass and rough surfaces.

You can also go a little quicker on an 8” Swegway but the battery is not quite as good as the 6”. The board is also heavier.

Are all Swegways safe?

Like any item that is motorised you have you to be careful when riding and it is important that you ensure you have the right precautions in place. Things like wearing a helmet and pads are considered to be something all riders should do. Of course taking care when you ride too is very important.

All our Swegway boards are tested by our engineers before we send to our customers and each board has highest standard build quality and components. The battery is Samsung cell powered. We do also include a standard 12-month manufacturer’s warranty with all boards which also covers the battery pack. Full details of our warranty can be found here.

Do I need Bluetooth?

This is purely a personal decision. The Bluetooth available with some of our boards allows you to connect your phone or any Bluetooth device to your Swegway meaning you can play music using the built in speakers.

If that sounds good to you then decision made!


Here at iSwegway we have a wide selection of Swegways and accessories. All our boards are shipped from our UK warehouse giving you the best boards at the best prices. See our full range of Swegways here.