Our advice for new buyers

If you have a question is not shown on this page feel free to contact our support team using the contact page form or calling us directly on 0343 289 2723 and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions before you buy your scooter! 

We have tried to come up with all the questions we get asked on a regular basis to help everyone. We have used a bullet point list to keep things simple. This list is updated occasionally.


Who are your scooters suitable for?

Our two wheel scooters are designed to take the weight and stance of smaller riders and are perfect for kids up to the age of 14. The scooters are lightweight and easy to manage for little riders, with steering similar to that of a bicycle.


Do I need to assemble my scooter?

Not at all. Your scooter will come to you fully constructed, so all you have to do is learn how to ride. Your scooter is also foldable, so it’s easy to transport.


Do you have different types of scooter?

We stock a Two Wheel Stunt Scooter in a choice of colours and a silver Xootz Scooter. Both styles come with two wheels and are durable and easy to manoeuvre.


Where can my child ride their scooter?

Our scooters are ideal for enjoying in the garden, on the school run or at the park. We do suggest that you supervise your child at all times to make sure they stage safe.


Do you need protection to ride?

Definitely! As with any activity of this kind, it’s wise to invest in some fantastic safety gear up front. A helmet and some soft pads for your knees and elbows are basic essentials, and we stock them right here on our site. So fun and safety really can go hand in hand.