Our advice for new buyers

why iSwegwayIf you have a question is not shown on this page feel free to contact our support team using the contact page form or calling us directly on 0330 995 0895 and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions before you buy your Swegway! 

We have tried to come up with all the questions we get asked on a regular basis to help everyone. We have used a bullet point list to keep things simple. This list is updated occasionally.



  • I heard you aren't allowed to ride on UK roads? Yes, as per the UK Highways Act 1835 you cannot ride on public roads or pathways.
  • I have seen and heard about fire risks and hazards, what's that about? Many UK sellers are selling these boards with cheap Chinese components and non UK regulated chargers/sockets. Our boards come with BSI 1363 certified UK chargers/sockets and high quality looms, ensuring all regulatory compliance is met.
  • I can buy off Amazon and eBay for cheaper! You will be buying a low end, cheaply manufactured board with components that do not come with any warranty or inspection increasing the risk of a hazard. More than likely the boards are not even in the UK meaning it will take 4-6 weeks for your order to arrive, if it ever does. 
  • What is this about Samsung batteries? There are many different components of a board. The battery is one of the most important. It generates the power and holds a charge. Our boards only use Samsung grade, high quality lithium-ionswegway advicebatteries, unlike other boards that use cheap, short-life batteries. 

  • What wheel size should I buy? Our Classic range is the most popular. It is the lightest, weighing only 9kg meaning it's the most agile, robust and durable. If the Classic board is not for you and you want something bigger, consider our Bluetooth Collection which comes in 6 inch and 8 inch wheel sizes. Don't forget, the bigger the wheels the heavier the board.
  • Do I need Bluetooth? Again, this is completely up to you! This allows you to easily connect your phone and play music off the built in speaks on the Swegway board. Once again, like the wheels, bluetooth does add extra weight so bare that in mind.
  • Do I ned to inflate the tyres? The tyres on all of our boards are solid rubber and do not need inflating. These usually last over 1,000 hours of use.

We hope this helps. View our range and shop online now.

If there's anything not covered in this article, drop us an email using the form on the contact page.