Are you items in stock?

Yes, everything on our website is in stock, unless stated otherwise.

Are you UK based?

Yes, we are based in the UK and we have multiple warehouses. 

What happens after I order?

We will send you an email, which states the details of what you have purchased. The total cost and arrangements for delivery.

What are your payment methods?

You can use our online store to complete your checkout securely. We take all of the main cards - Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Maestro.

Do you accept PayPal?

Unfortunately not due to technical issues we have had with their payment platform in the past.

Where is the Swegway board manufactured?

All Swegway boards are manufactured in China however we inspect and test each board by our UK Engineers in the UK before we send our boards to our customers. Our boards have the highest standard build quality and components.

What is the warranty service and repair service?

All boards have a standard 12 month manufacturers warranty service. Warranty covers battery pack. Due to the nature of the product we cannot be held responsible for any misuse and damage caused by this.

Note: Warranty does not cover accidental damage or misuse. If the exterior of your Swegway is damaged or the internal seals are broken your warranty is void. We can quickly and easily see where a Swegway has been damaged due to scratches or dents on the body of the board. Internal or external damage caused by crash or accidental damage isn't covered under warranty claims. You will be liable to pay the shipping costs to return your Swegway back to us if the damage isn't covered under warranty. We will quote for repair costs once our technicians have conducted diagnostics on your board.

How do I reset my board?

If your board is not functioning properly then you may need to reset it. This can easily be done by following the steps below:

  1. Charge the board for two hours to make sure its fully charged.
  2. Turn off board and make sure the board is level (straight and not bent).
  3. Turn off the board.
  4. Hold down the “on” button for 45 seconds. The led lights on the front should come on under the board and start flashing and you will hear a couple of beeps. Let them continue for the full 45 seconds.
  5. Turn off the board. 
  6. Turn the board back on again and this reset has fixed the fault.

Can I visit you to pick up/buy items?

Unfortunately not, we only operate an online store and do not have the facility for clients to visit our warehouses.

What is the build quality of the iSwegway board?

Our boards are built using only quality components that are very durable. The battery is Samsung cell powered.

I have ordered an iSwegway and I have not received it yet.

If it has exceeded the delivery schedule you have selected then please provide your name, contact number, and email address and our support team will call you back within 2 hours and give you an update.

There is a missing item in my delivery?

Please provide your name, contact number, and email address using our contact page and our Support Team will resolve this for you

Returns Policy

Please notify us to arrange a return. For returns and refunds, you can return your Swegway to us up to 14 days after delivery has been confirmed. As long as your Swegway is unused, and in the original condition you may return your Swegway to us for an exchange (depending on stock availability) or full refund.

You have the right to cancel free of charge until your item is in dispatch. If you wish to cancel once your order is in dispatch you will be liable for any shipping fees.