Type the words ‘expectation quotes’ into Google and you will receive plenty of negative quotes on the subject of expectation. Try this one from William Shakespeare:

“Expectation is the route of all heartache”

Or how about this one from Barry Schwartz:

“The secret of happiness is low expectations”

It seems that we don’t and shouldn’t expect a great deal if these rather unambitious quotes are anything to go by. However, the truth is we walk into every situation with an expectation. We also make purchases with expectations. When we buy a product there are certain things that we should and do expect.

What You Can Expect When You Purchase A Swegway From Us

What should you expect when you purchase a Swegway? We have outlined 6 key things you can expect from iSwegway when you purchase a new Swegway from us.

  1.  You are buying safely

    We take your safety very seriously and do all we can to ensure our boards are of the highest standards. All our Swegways are manufactured in China but we inspect and test each and every board here in the UK. Our team of UK Engineers take great pride in fully testing your new board before it is shipped to you.

    Our boards are not built using cheap products and we only use quality components that last the course of time.

    We even wrote a blog recently on 7 ways to stay safe on your Swegway which you can read here.

  2. You can buy with confidence

    We are the UK’s largest online Swegway store meaning we are not here today, gone tomorrow.

    We have been featured on a number of TV stations including Channel 5, BBC and ITV and are also PC Advisor recommended. What other Swegway store can say that?

    When you buy from iSwegway you can buy with confidence.

  3. Warranty service

    All our boards come with a 90 day warranty as standard which also includes the battery pack.

    Of course the warranty does not cover accidental damage or misuse but we do run a repair service should your board need fixing. In fact, we can even look at repairing your board if you didn’t purchase it from us.

  4. A wide range of products

    We don’t just stock one or two boards for you to choose from, we stock a full range of Swegways.

    From our Black Swegway Board at £289.99 to our Limited Edition Swegway with Bluetooth Technology at £449.99 you will find just what you are looking for.

    Not only that, we also stock a range of skateboards, children’s scooters and a selection of accessories for your Swegway including cases, bags and helmets. No wonder we are number one!


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