You might be surprised to know that we’re not all about the hoverboard. While we love our Swegways (obviously), sometimes we fancy a change of pace. This week, we have been thinking about more old fashioned modes of personal transportation and two of our favourites in particular – the skateboard and the scooter.


World famous skateboarder Tony Hawk 


If you know a budding skateboard or scooter enthusiast, we’ve got you covered! Whether you want an easy-to-fold scooter for the school run, a skateboard built for beginners who love a gruesome twist in their design or something a little bigger for older board lovers, we have everything you need. You can even pick up a great helmet and some protective padding at the same time to keep your kids safe.


Little girl on an early scooter in 1930s Germany


While we were thinking about these alternative, old school forms of personal transportation, we found out some interesting facts:


  • Skateboards were born in 1950s America
  • Prototype skateboards are even older and were just roller skate wheels attached to a board
  • Skateboarding was originally a way to surf on the street
  • The first skatepark in the world was Surf City, which opened in Arizona in 1965
  • Skateboarding (and even selling them) was banned in Norway from 1978-1989
  • There was something of a skate culture renaissance in the 1990s (thanks, Bart Simpson)
  • Homemade scooters were first seen regularly around 100 years ago
  • Roller skate wheels were attached to wood and a handlebar to create the scooter
  • The first commercial scooter was the Honda Kick ‘n Go, released in 1974
  • A Kick ‘n Go Senior was released in 1976 for adults


While we don’t stock scooters or skateboards for adults, you can get the perfect fit for your budding enthusiast right here – and who knows, maybe they’ll grow up into a world renowned skateboarder or be using an environmentally friendly scooter to commute to work one day!

Or... maybe they’ll become the ultimate hipster...